Monday, 14 January 2013

Front door privacy

I'm not a mad fan of lace curtains - but I do like a small amount of privacy. The house came complete with curtains - not the nicest but they do serve a purpose whilst we figure out the order of work. Having practised with the sticky backed frosted plastic, I thought I'd have a go on the front door...

Armed with a plastic ruler, tape measure, pencil, piece of paper, pad of graph paper, scalpel, cutting board and metal ruler...I began. Each triangle and diamond was a slightly different shape thanks to the original leaded windows.
There was quite a bit of 'repositioning' - stick, peel, restick, peel, stick, huff, stomp - and it took far longer than anticipated, but I really am rather chuffed with the result.


  1. It does look lovely. We took the film off our front room windows last spring when we had shutters fitted. It took ages and so so much effort. Well done on persevering to get it just right! x

  2. It's a great product isn't it? I have a lovely star design in my bathroom. Much nicer than some of the privacy glass available and I can change the design whenever I wish. Although I am not intending to do this anytime soon because like you I found it a little tricksy.

  3. That looks really good, so much better than the net curtain. Well done, I would never have thought to cut out individual pieces.

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    1. Sorry spelling error!...I was saying that looks lovely and I like the way you've left a clear border. Very nice!x

  5. Clever! It looks much, much better this way!

  6. Frosting the glass changed the appeal of your door. It looks more elegant now. However, you’re not capable of checking the things outside because of that. I believe you’ve done this because you wanted some privacy. :) Nonetheless, it’s gorgeous!

    Rolf Matchen