Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Gear knobs and broomsticks

I took delivery of a car at the weekend. It's all incredibly exciting. I'm now the proud owner of my grandfather's automobile, which my parents have not only given me, but very kindly drove in convoy to the house at the weekend. It has all sorts of nooks and crannies. Even a 'handbag' spot. I'm champing at the bit to get behind the wheel, but having not driven for a while need to spend a couple of hours pootling around some quiet roads and getting used to an automatic.

As we were poking about the car on Saturday, we met another of our neighbours. As we nattered about the road, the cottage and the plans we've got, we started to talk about the driveway that we need to install. The cottage currently has the most incredible brick wall made from old bricks, doorknobs, glass bottles and tiles. It's like a hardware patchwork detailing a moment in time. We want to preserve it, not least because at least four neighbours have sounded us out about keeping it and it's mentioned in the history of our house. Our plan is to knock down part of it to make way for a car, and move the dear little gate to the middle. The chap we were chatting to slipped into conversation that the knobs on the gate are apparently refashioned Austin 7 gear knobs, three of them in a row. How fantastic is that? I do so hope it's true. It did used to be the chauffeur's cottage after all.

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