Monday, 13 May 2013

Lifting the curtain

So to speak. So sorry for the silence. Hope all are well and jolly. Life really has just run away with itself over the last couple of months. Work has been all-consuming - long, taxing hours. Home time has been short - speedy suppers, condensed glasses of wine, sleep. My poor laptop has had a 2 month holiday in the chest of drawers. Friends and family are feeling ignored.

Whilst the curtains have been drawn, we've quietly been making progress. We've given the bathroom a lick of paint. The loft has been fully boarded. And we've officially got builders and an architect. Over the last 6 days, the chimney breast has been knocked out from roof to kitchen. Wallpaper has been stripped (me! I did that bit!) and the bedroom ceiling came down (not quite planned - I didn't do that bit...).

We're currently living in our sitting room on the sofa bed, with the fridge and Miss P. There is a comedy 'slumber party' feel about the set up. Miss P was quite excited on night one, nonplussed on night two and irritated on night five. Tonight - night six - and we're hoping that she'll sleep until 5:30am. One can only hope.

Lots of progress photos to come. And baking - I must share my epic baking day. And our week off - yes, a whole week. No blackberry. Just us. A little bit of pottering, local day trips, sun hats and a smattering of freckles. Some big birthdays were had - Mum turned 60 and Grandpa turned 90. Oh - and I got to see Beyonce - wildly random, but utterly brilliant. Uh oh ohh, oh oh ohh, ohh.


  1. I don't envy you the living in one room - we did similar & I don't want to repeat it! Sounds like an interesting few weeks, I'm looking forward to the housey photos.

  2. Welcome back. I did wonder where you'd disappeared to.....