Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Crayfish salad with avocado

This is the weather that summer holidays were made of when we were little - sun-singed grass, never ending blue skies, hot, hot cars and filthy bare feet. All that's missing are the frozen Capri-Suns. As the stifling train trundled home this evening, I spied several paddling pools. Oh, to have had one to step into when I got in this evening. Instead, I cooled down by part watering the garden and my feet. The conservatory hit 48C yesterday - even Miss P admitted defeat.

Solero were rather sportingly handing out free ice lollies at Sloane Square which helped cool down the amble to my office at lunch today. Although I did come a cropper trying to hold the darn thing, two bags and answer a call. Not the finest of moments.

This weather does cry out for gallons of iced water and salad by the plateful. In an attempt to get myself out of a salad rut, I bought some crayfish. Avocado, cherry tomatoes and salad leaves. The dressing was made with a generous teaspoon (some would say two on the one spoon...) of creme fraiche, half a teaspoon of Dijon mustard, glug of olive oil, tiniest splash of cider vinegar, chopped chives and a crack of pepper. Et voila. The only thing missing was a bustling cafe overlooking the harbour in Nice with a nice glass of Chablis.

What are you eating to stay cool?


  1. looks luscious, sounds delicious! i've been eating beckleberrys malteaser and horlics ice cream - yum!

    1. That sounds amazing. We've rediscovered choc ices - and Waitrose do a very nice coffee icecream lolly with crunchy bits.

  2. Oh that's really made my mouth water, even though it's only 10am! Crayfish and avocado are 2 of my favourites, especially with a glass of Chablis!