Thursday, 11 July 2013

Growing cornflowers from seed

I do like cornflowers. The arrival of summer is announced with buckets of bright blue British cornflowers at the Embankment Station flower stand. We left some lovely cornflowers behind in the old garden, so I thought it would be fun to grow some from seed this year. I used Sarah Raven's Polka Dot Mixed seed and was beyond excited that they all came. Mr M is chief gardener and water monitor. I'm very, very skilled at forgetting to water things. So really, all credit must go to him for keeping them alive.

I didn't plant them out early enough so they became quite leggy in the tiny greenhouse, but that didn't stop me experimenting with different aspects in the garden. I planted some by the front door, another patch by the front gate, and some in a planter in the back garden. The ones by the front door aren't very happy - not enough sun perhaps, the ones by the front gate are perky and flowering but not doing much in the growth stakes but the ones in the planter are romping away and quite bushy, if a little lopsided from leaning towards the sun.

Blue, pale pink, white, lilac, purple - they're all very dainty and pretty, and so easy to grow. Just remember to follow the instructions - unlike me...

I've learnt my lesson, I shall do as Sarah says next year. I quite fancy trying these dark beauties next time.

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