Thursday, 11 July 2013

Prosciutto and nectarine

These suppers are getting simpler. I blame the traffic jam that I sat in, almost missing my appointment, a whole hour to do a 7 minute journey, and not a damn public road in sight to dump my car and make my way by foot. My new chiropodist* was amazing though - despite being 15 minutes late for a 30 minute appointment, I now have a strapped up foot, with instructions to rest and apply frozen peas and take plenty of neurofen, and steer clear of high heels for 7 days. All very dramatic and entirely my own fault for wearing stupid winter boots that pinched. Somewhat peeved that he also pointed out that I apparently have arthritis in both big toes. And there was me thinking that I just wasn't very flexible.

*I've not had one of these before. I wish I'd gone sooner.

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  1. You do have my sympathy. I have arthritis in both big toes and bunions - I'm only 31! It makes me wish I'd worn very silly shoes in my younger days before his set in! I understand how painful it can get!

    Loving these food blogs though. So full of simple, summery and fresh food - I think I may try some of them out next week! x

    1. Thank you. Am so over this foot thing. I've dealt with verrucas in the the past, but this really does take the biscuit. Should have worn birkenstocks from birth.

      Glad you like the food posts - this hot weather appears to make throwing together strange fridge combinations almost acceptable. xx