Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Galloping grapes

We have a vine growing over the front of the house - neither of us could really remember what it looked like when we viewed the property in the summer last year. By the time we arrived in November, it was most definitely dormant. It's gone from looking awfully dead to lush in the space of 8 weeks or so. Mr M has had to prune it several times so that we can see out from the spare room and to stop the creep towards our neighbours property. We've got oodles of grapes coming - goodness only knows what we're going to do with them. Apparently the woman who used to live here would make wine...


  1. Last week I read that it will be a vintage year for English wine so you had better get pressing! They look amazing. The grapes from my parent's neighbours' garden that grow into theirs always look so tiny in comparison. Must be all the hot weather! x

  2. We had a vine on the side of our old house. The first year, we were so excited about the grape harvest that we made wine with our neighbours. It could strip the enamel from your teeth. After that we left the grapes to the wildlife! Mind you, yours look a lot plumper than ours did.