Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Magic beans

Mr M loves to grow vegetables. As we don't have much space, we've resorted to growing things vertically. We're hoping to get an allotment at some point, but until we do produce has to be grown on a small scale. Dad very kindly gave us some bean plug plants, and Mr M sowed some from seed which all came (this whole sunny aspect lark is an absolute marvel), so we have three containers growing purple peas, yellow mangetout and french beans. 

The bees absolutely love them. The purple peas haven't yet made it to the plate - we've been nibbling them as appetisers, fresh from the pod. 


  1. Those purple peas look amazing and sound good too. I like the picture of the bee - you must have been so quick to capture it. Our garden is being taken over by our pumpkins. They would give Jack and his beanstalk a run for their money! x

  2. aah, purple peas? amazing! i never knew such a thing existed, i must track some down! x