Monday, 9 September 2013

Someone has beans

Miss P has beans. Lots of them. I think it may be linked to the change in season. Whatever it is, she has disgraced herself somewhat over the last week. First - the sorry case of the butchered mouse, indigestion and carpet cleaner. Then there was chairgate - the beautiful chair, that I still have not yet shared with you, apparently with a button that was providing bother. It needed to be dug out of course. With as many claws as possible. Then this morning - at approximately 5 am, someone decided that climbing the wardrobe was of vital importance, as was scratching said beautiful chair and generally running around like a Tasmanian devil. And then, when shut out of the bedroom, scratching at the door - paintwork and carpet - until bare wood was reached. But come 7 am, someone was so tired that they weren't that fussed about breakfast. Arghhh!

I think she has become immune to the calming influence of Feliway. Sigh.

I won't lie. Taxidermy was muttered at 5:35 am.


  1. Hmm. Madam Rainbow has been very similar - very restless, runing up and down the stairs like a lunatic and howling lots. Could be something to do with the season - or perhaps the two very unsuitable boyfriends that have been hanging around outside.......

  2. Perhaps it IS the season - one of mine is a new, expensive microchip cat flap refusenik. And I actually thought he would be grateful for the absence of the neighbourhood bully cats eating his food.... Send the taxidermist's number, will you? If he poos in my living room again, I'm calling.

  3. I see you suffer a cat with the same predilection for reading!! We have Willoughby (a Siamese with an uncanny similarity to Greg Wise and fictional namesake) who insists that the greatest of fun can be had from sitting amongst the books, stretching out a very long paw and patting the treasured and beautiful wood and glass hearts suspended on a hook on the side of the bookcase!! It is a signal that food is required I believe......more food that is!!