Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Making plans

We were granted planning permission back in the summer. It feels like an age ago. I still don't know where September went, let alone the rest of the year. Anyhoo. I've been failing miserably to visualise how the first phase is going to look, so Mr M got out his ground paint and started to have a play. We're extending the kitchen out so that we can have more units and a lovely oven and an eating spot. And we'll be changing the front garden so that we can park off the road - currently we have two cars on the road which is a real pain. The front garden has some lovely established plants - a mature waist height acer and a large mahonia - we're going to be unable to keep them, so we're thinking of asking our neighbours to rescue them. The lawn will be dug up (goodbye giant flying bugs and red ants, hello good quality soil and turf) and replaced on the right of the path, but the bit between the path and the drive will become a flower bed. We're keeping and restoring as much of the wall as we can and refurbishing the existing gate. I feel exhausted and penniless just thinking about it...

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