Friday, 3 January 2014

Eating properly

Our cottage is a funny beast. It has a fantastic conservatory which is great for entertaining - the temperature is just right in late Spring/early Summer and again in early Autumn. Late summer it's unbearably hot, but by that point we've moved outside to the patio, or we have all the doors and windows open to let in the breeze (and mosquitoes). In the winter, it's freezing and requires electric heaters, extra layers and candles - when it's just the two of us we really can't be bothered with the fuss. Which leaves us with the kitchen which just about has room for the fridge/freezer and oven, and the sitting room.

Like naughty schoolchildren, we've taken to eating on our laps every night. When we first moved in, we borrowed the world's heaviest table from Mr M's best friend and for proper meals would drag it past the pile of packing boxes into the middle of the room. Then it started to get covered in papers, and chargers, and the general detritus that flat spaces attract. We finally moved the last of the packing boxes upstairs to make way for the Christmas tree in December, and the table was relegated to the conservatory for the festive season. Once the tree goes on Saturday, the table will return with strict rules - it will be for working and eating only. Goodbye indigestion and naughtiness.

Once the kitchen extension has been done, we'll have an eating area in there. And once we've won the lottery, we'll do the double extension, and have a grown up dining room. Until then, I shall continue to look at Pinterest with envy.

Have a super weekend - we've got fish pie and roast pork planned. Nice cosy food.

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