Monday, 6 January 2014

Rachel Khoo - My Little French Kitchen

Loving my new Christmas cookbook from Mr and Mrs M senior. With stunning photography and pretty illustrations, this is the first cookbook I've read from cover to cover. Leaving her little Paris kitchen behind, Rachel travels out to the regions to discover the local delights. From Brittany to Bordeaux, Basque to Provence, there are recipes for nibbles, light salads, hearty dinners and delicious looking desserts. The chapter about Brittany took me back to our family holidays in St Cast and Trevignon when we were small. Mr M road tested the oat-crusted seafood crumble and it was scrumptious. So nice to have a fish pie that doesn't require the fish to be poached in milk. Can't wait to try the aubergine chips and brave the caramel, ginger and raspberry lighthouses.


  1. I really enjoyed her series a couple of years ago but was surprised that there's been little of her on tv sense. Sounds like a lovely book. And she has a rather nice hair-do as well! x

    1. I know - I also love the fact that she's from Croydon like Mr M. :)