Wednesday, 8 January 2014

My new cleansing regime

On Christmas Day, I was lucky enough to find a box of Amanda Lacey beauty products under the tree. I must confess that I'd not heard of her before, but oh boy am I pleased I know about her now. The box smelt fabulous as I lifted the lid to reveal beautifully packaged lotions and potions - Cleansing Pomade, Illuminating Eye Cream and body wash.  

The Cleansing Pomade is amazing - it leaves your skin silky smooth. Granted I got a little bit excited and used it twice a day over Christmas and one could perhaps say 'overbuffed'. But my skin calmed down within 24 hours, and I now use it once a day. 

And as a result of this incredibly generous gift from my boss, I've completely changed my routine. No longer do I go to bed without washing my face (ssshhh!). I actually look forward to my evening ritual - feeling the scrub melt into my skin, using the hot muslin cloth to remove the layers and with them, the stresses of the day.

Whilst cleansing balms are an expensive outlay compared to basic face wash, considering I've only been using it for two weeks I've hardly made a dent in it and my skin feels incredible. Having done some googling - I was clueless about what to do afterwards - do you moisturise? (I have decided I do) - it was interesting to read the number of converts. 

There's also something rather grown up about using a beauty product from an elegant cool, white glass pot. I now just need the bathroom to match. 

Can you tell? I'm sold. Oh dear. 

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  1. It certainly looks a very smart pot! I've been using Liz Earle products for the last couple of years and find they're great - when I make time to use them! x