Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Paperthin paperwhites

They have flowered and look oh so pretty. I must say that Mr M has done a sterling job at watering them. But, eurgh, they honk. For such small, delicate flowers, and there are only three stems, the perfume is something else. They are currently residing on one of our kitchen ledges so you only get a waft when using the bin or grabbing a saucepan from the larder (I know...odd one - it's too cold, light and damp for food, so is currently a slightly difficult cupboard for pans and vino).

On a completely separate note, am loving turning our leftover roast chicken into Singapore noodles using Jamie's recipe as a guide. Grated ginger and garlic seem to be the way forward and we threw in broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, celery and purple kale. And noodles that only require boiling water in a jug are the greatest grown up pot noodle ever. Leftovers have been turned into a wrap for lunch tomorrow, noodles and all...the jury is currently out...will report back.

By the way - have you watched this? I had an afternoon of Ted catch ups and found it really inspirational - together with this and this (I saw Mr H speak at the Museum of London recently and was in awe - have you seen the plans for the garden bridge? It could be a beautiful thing).

A demain.

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