Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Gym bunny H&M style

I've quietly been hitting the gym recently - my goal is two sessions a week. Whilst I've not seen the benefits yet, I've certainly felt them - I'm sleeping better, I've got more puff than normal and as blah as it sounds, I actually feel quite energised after each session. My goal is to be fit and ready to hit regular classes - a duff cruciate ligament (the kitten heel tragedy*) and grumbly shoulder (the towel rail ricochet revenge**) need to be happier before I make the leap but we're getting close. I have one brilliant outfit from Sweaty Betty - eye wateringly expensive but brilliant in terms of fit and sweats, and one other cobbled from stretchy cotton which isn't the greatest. I'd heard that H&M had launched a fitness range so was rather pleased to find that my local store had the range in stock. Gym tops start at 7.99 - and look rather like the new SB yoga bottoms. I also picked up some great gym leggings with some interesting lace sections, but more importantly have the locker key inner pocket which is a must have. I'm looking forward to giving them a whirl on the crazy cross-step-trainer thingummy.

*Did you know that the majority of ripped cruciate ligaments are apparently found in women in their late 20s/30s and are linked to heels? My ripped cruciate ligament was the result of aquaplaning in kitten heels outside Cannon Street station in 2005. It still grumbles and means that I struggle on an incline.

**My top tip? Don't put the laundry basket behind a door that you're used to opening which gently bounces it back so that the ball of the new towel rail recently attached to door connects with your shoulder at full force. Bruising for 8 weeks, inability to lift arm properly - 16 weeks and counting...


  1. It is hard trying to get nice stuff for the gym - you would not believe the trouble I am having trying to get a decent swimming costume (without having to pay the earth!!!) aquaplaning??? planned or accidental??? lol

    1. I know - am struggling to find a decent tankini. And yes - accidental - taught me not to rush in heels and rain! :)

  2. Replies
    1. The most annoying thing is that they were both avoidable!!! Hey ho. Little steps… xx

  3. I bought a bright neon coral running top... but the boys made me promise never to wear it when I'm with them!