Sunday, 13 April 2014

It's BBQ time

A little sizzle, a little smoke. Aubergine with a harissa/aubergine pesto* coating, sweetcorn and Giggly Pig Italian sausages
We mixed the cooked aubergine with a jar of chargrilled peppers and finished the plate off with a dash of Mr M Senior's piccalilli and pickled beetroot.
And obviously a glass or two of pink…

Hope you enjoyed the sun too!

*not a paid promotional post just linked for helpfulness. We've not really done ready made jars before but stumbled across this, the coriander and the wild garlic when I was playing housewife in the supermarket last week. We've only tried the aubergine so far - with chicken, broccoli, green beans and pasta, as a topping for oven baked haddock, and the bbq'd aubergine slices. There's a tiny amount left - might become a brushetta topping… And Giggly Pigs are just brilliant - been buying them for years - Welsh Dragon, Garlic and Chilli and Italian are our favourites.


  1. Fantastic - I can't wait to have our first bbq of the summer. Our butcher has just started making pork and tomato sausages and I know they'll be fantastic eat outdoors! x