Thursday, 24 April 2014

Our pink pathway

Our pathway is a riot of colour, and moss, right now. With work due to start in June, this will be the last time it flowers in this location. We're hoping to throw a plant party where neighbours can come and take away what they fancy. Everything needs to go before the builders come in - the end of an era for some, but Mr M has grand planting plans…

p.s. Rabbits at the London Eye. I know - odd. The base of the tension wires were encased in a glass box set up with rabbit hutches, fake grass and pretend rabbits. There was a 'find the Easter bunny' vibe for the hoards of children…nothing a parent/aunt/uncle likes more than further encouragement for a child to run off!!!


  1. Thank goodness for that! I had visions of those poor rabbits twirling round and round the Eye perched precariously on the top of one of the pods!