Friday, 25 April 2014

The power of nature

I'd almost forgotten about the great storms at the end of last year. Trees came down near us causing untold damage and delay, but we were fortunate to avoid the trouble, and our lives trundled on as normal. On Monday, we caught up with Mr and Mrs R (remember their amazing wedding in Vernazza?) and their two lovely boys and went for a meander to their local park after lunch. Master S was keen to show us the fallen tree. To see the roots ripped from the ground is really quite extraordinary, that and the fact that the tree, and the grass it took with it, continues to grow.
Apparently it was waterlogged during the floods making it more susceptible to toppling. The lakes and natural springs probably didn't help things much. 
Either way, we concluded that it's the quickest way to get to the top of the Faraway Tree. Master S confirmed that he didn't meet Moonface or Silkie on the way up, nor dinosaurs which were at the top of his list.

Have a lovely weekend - lots of birthday celebrations this end. I'm wondering if I can melt down the ridiculous pile of Easter eggs and turn them into a cake…


  1. Enjoy the birthday celebrations! I`m melting my Easter chocolate and putting over salted pretzels.
    Chocolate cake sound good! Yummy! :)

    1. Now - chocolate and salted pretzels sound divine! Enjoy!