Thursday, 19 June 2014

Florence from up high

There's something quite magical about looking down onto the hustle and bustle of a city. Pedestrians the size of ants, arteries of streets running through the higgledy-piggeldy terracotta sea, tiny tranquil rooftop gardens. This is the view from the top of il Duomo, or Santa Maria del Fiore for her proper title.

Admittedly it took a little while for the magic to kick in given that it was 36C and I had quietly dissolved into a puddle by the time we'd reached il Duomo's 463rd step. But the view was breathtaking. Mr M had a very short career as a portrait photographer - I lost count of the number of requests - really, he should have charged. I spent rather a long time convinced that Santa Croce was actually Santa Maria Novella - they look very similar you see.

And then it was time for the descent. Do please note the curve…that would be the top of the dome.
And if that wasn't enough up for one day, we thought we'd head straight up Giotto's bell tower - why not? Only a mere 414 steps. By the time we had come back down the tower, I had slight uncontrollable leg jitters which highlighted my recent lack of gym going. Herumph.
As we devoured a pot of gelato at the bottom, marvelling at our athleticism and recoiling at the cost of said gelato and the human body's remarkable ability to produce sweat sea salt, the bells started to ring in the bell tower. Our timing couldn't have been more perfect.


  1. Wow!!! gorgeous photos - but I'm not sure I could have taken those photos looking down. Very envious first Chelsea and now Florence!!!

  2. Ha Love it! If you nip across to Positano just South of Napoli, you'll find the steps there will do the same thing to your tender knees!! They call it the Positano Shakes. So envious of you as I sit at my screen...pretending to work! x