Friday, 20 June 2014

Have you ever been on a learning holiday?

We came across this girl painting at the top of Giardino Boboli and then stumbled across a painting party arriving at Giardino Bardini and it got me thinking about how lovely it would be to go on a painting holiday. Some of my colleagues have gone on retreats recently - pilates, yoga - whilst friends have squeezed in a cookery or wine course on their adventures - and they've all come back raving about them. I toyed with booking a pasta making course in Florence but then decided that time was against us. Have you ever done an activity on holiday? Have you been on a learning holiday? Would you recommend it?

Have a fab weekend. We've got my family coming over to celebrate my birthday and help clear the garden in readiness for the build. Can't wait for Mum's chocolate fudge cake - my favourite.

1 comment:

  1. I like the idea of them, but I dont know who else would - if you know what I mean and the thought of being on my own :-( xx Enjoy your weekend and could you save me a piece of your mums cake :-) xx