Sunday, 7 September 2014

We have windows

Beautiful, handmade, double glazed windows. And if you look closely, the latches are the original ones that we managed to salvage (more about them here). We're so pleased with them. The oddest thing was having them sat in our conservatory for a couple of days before they went in. Whilst ridiculous to say, I'd not considered what a window unit might look like out of context. Odd, frankly. Like the little black wooden fire guard I used to pretend was a shop as a child. The sills are deep and will be perfect for our herbs and radio and other random things that will no doubt find their way onto them.

It feels as though the build has sped up - this shot was taken a week or so ago. It's now been plastered and the paint goes on tomorrow. Flooring and dishwasher/washing machine arrive on Thursday. All other appliances and kitchen cabinets arrive on Friday. Today was spent clearing the conservatory - I managed to squeeze the conservatory sofa into the bedroom, the lovely chair has been moved in front of Mr M's wardrobe (so neither of us can open our wardrobes for the next two weeks), dining chairs were stacked, tables winkled into cupboards, items popped in the skip. The drive has been laid. The path is a work in progress (the curve was plotted by Mr M yesterday). The oven and washing machine become defunct tomorrow - I need to organise a collection for them, and fathom out where our local laundrette is.

Most calming of all - Miss P has returned. There has been a lot of meowing, purrs and lap time. And her 2am shouting session at her kitten and rugby ball was a joy. It's as though she's never been away.


  1. I love that you salvaged the window latches, that's something I would do. Things are moving on!

  2. It's a stressful old business building! I speak as a 61 year old architect...Well done for all your efforts and for hanging on to the window latches.

  3. Oh those are the most beautiful windows--perfect! And very envious of your windowsills. Our silly flat doesn't have any sills at all, which is most inconvenient! xx