Monday, 5 January 2015

Cookbook time

The first weekend of 2015. Christmas put away, leftovers finally thrown out, pine needles hoovered up, wreaths dismantled, dinner with friends and a trip home to belatedly celebrate my sister's birthday. Oh, and a mild concussion from ricocheting off the towel rail - not fun - followed by slamming my finger in the kitchen whirly carousel cupboard that evening. It was at that point that Mr M removed me from chopping duties and sat me down...

The green herby goodness above is all part of the foodie plan. We've fallen into a routine which gives us the perfect excuse* not to go to the gym during the week because we have to cook. So, our foodie resolution is to try new recipes at the weekend, and to go for simple, light suppers during the week - soup, scrambled egg, omelette, stir fry - anything quick and not too heavy. The healthy sludge above - coriander, parsley, mint, white wine vinegar and rape seed oil - has been stirred through a vat of couscous and peas, and is now sat in the fridge ready for lunch and easy dinners. The new recipe for Saturday was Pork Larb, loosely based on the Chicken Larb in Donna Hay's  Fresh and Light cookbook. Mr M then turned the leftover pork into stonking cheese on toast for a quick and light supper on Sunday. I've collected some new recipe books over the last month including Jamie's Comfort FoodHemsley + HemsleyAngela HartnettTom Kerridge and Agnes Jekyll's Kitchen Essays. I'm enjoying browsing, planning, getting inspiration. 

I'm also on a bit of an economy drive - breakfast at home before work (saves £3.95), taking lunch to work and upping the fruit and water intake - because the amount I currently spend is criminal. A soggy sandwich, bottle of water and a small pot of fruit will set you back almost £8 from certain high street cafes. 

It's all about changing the routine. I want to get healthier, need to get healthier - fitter in body, heart and mind. The less time we spend cooking and clearing away during the week, the more time there will be to do me and us stuff - blogging, creating, talking, moving, reading. Little steps. 

Are you making any changes to your routine this year? Have you tried any of the recipes in Hemsley + Hemsley?

*my new excuse is the concussion, but I think that's allowed…I'll go once the bruising has gone down and my balance has returned. 

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