Monday, 1 June 2015

May - the month of flowers

Where the weather seemed to get cooler rather than warmer, Mr M's medicine garden was finally finished*, our brilliant water butt arrived (truly, who knew one could get excited about a huge plastic pot), a new border of lavender was created, the beans and tomatoes were planted, my seemingly-dead-but-it's-a-bargain pots of Astrantia flowered, the cotoneaster was abuzz with bees, I appeared to spend all my time on Instagram**, pretty pink Sweet William arrived in the shops and I was lucky enough to go to Chelsea Flower Show on gala night (piccies on Instagram) and people watch the movers and shakers.

I've been well and truly bitten by the gardening bug and I'm loving it.

*ish - are gardens ever finished? We need to abstain from garden centres for a couple of months - it's a costly addiction.

**Isn't Instagram addictive? Instant and easy, it does however mean that this poor old blog has been rather neglected, as has my camera. If you find it quiet over here, it means I'm probably over there - liking pictures of puppies and torties, cake and flowers, doors and views, and taking pictures of my breakfast and books.


  1. Loving your garden..same pesky bug took a chunk out of me..or was that my purse...wait until the veggie bug bites!! even worse :)

    1. Thanks Lynne - we've a few vegetables on the go in pots, but luckily (or unluckily) don't have the space for a proper veg patch. Once the garden and house are done, we might have a stab at a teeny tiny allotment - although all of the plots are a drive away :(