Monday, 15 April 2019

Adventuring - week 12

The mere whiff of an adventure has Miss A throwing on her coat, finding her shoes and spotting the Gruffalo behind the nearest bush. A couple of weeks ago, we went on our first @surreymama_meetups at Wisley. Of the three of us, I was the most nervous, A just wanted to get going and O was non-plussed in his pushchair armed with his Lego.

If I'm honest, the fear of the unknown kicked in the night before and it was Mr M who gently nudged me into going. I rarely venture out with the two of them on my own - I found it so hard to do when O was little, and now we have a nap routine, I've got the perfect excuse to not push myself out of my comfort zone. The stress levels are always sky high. Ridiculous when you see everybody else managing.

Anyway - we made it. We met up with four lovely mums and their little ones. A, after a little bit of encouragement, merrily gallivanted about with the other toddlers and O happily sat in his pushchair. I realised that a) meeting new people is fun (if you like embroidery, take a look at Sophie's website and if you're looking for party downloads, take a look at Little Party Hacks) b) Wisley is just down the road and our membership is woefully underused and c) fresh air and space is the perfect combination for an afternoon nap.

We'll definitely be going along to another meet up soon.

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