Friday, 25 October 2019

Autumn with a capital 'A'

And absent which is what I've mostly been from this blog, and life if I'm entirely honest. Life has been all consuming - not busy being social, but busy with the mundane, and somewhat weighed down with the lack of progress on the house. Small wins are made when the beans nap but work has gobbled those precious hours recently - not that I'm complaining - the new job is brilliant and challenging, but also exhausting. Coupled with Mr M travelling rather a lot recently, I've been in survival mode.

But with Autumn comes change - the leaves are turning, days are shorter and it's decidedly dank. Some days have a chilly breeze which snaps at my ankles as I wait for my train and others, like today, are oddly warm with drizzle making it ideal for some weeding as the beans nap. The log burner has had its first fire laid and we've made plans for beef casserole and stuffed squash this weekend. A time for hunkering down, gathering ourselves and catching our breath.

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