Saturday, 1 November 2008

Blustery day

Gosh, what a blustery day it is today. I ventured out this morning at the crack of crows, before the rain, to run some errands and hunt down my next book club book in one of our many charity shops. Was rather chuffed that I managed to pick it up from the British Heart Foundation for £2.50. Marvellous. We then jumped in the car to pick up some more wood for Mr M to experiment with and for me to nip to Boden to try on a new winter coat. Success on the wood front, not so much on the coat front - I appear to be a size 13...

I'm now trying to warm up with a nice cup of tea and a pile of fun size treats that were neither tricked nor treated last night whilst Mr M is outside, wrapped in layers up to the tip of his nose, working with his new wood, chatting to the parakeet and trying to work out which local feline is responsible for using our shingle veranda as a giant, sheltered litter tray.

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