Tuesday, 10 February 2009

No. 6

Thank goodness the rain has stopped. What grotty, snotty weather. This week's project was to cover two old cushions that we've had since our university days and are currently used as a space filler between the head of the mattress and the headboard.* At the time, it was really cool to have faux fur cushions. And, at the time, they were really, really soft - they were pretending to be husky fur and were a great substitute for a cat. Over time, they have gone from cool to naff and, dare I say, a little sad looking. So, off came the covers, out came the sewing machine and a remnant from Ikea and voila, two pretty cushions.

The only problem is that they look quite good on the chair, which means that there is now a gaping hole at the top of the bed once again...curses.

*Small tip to those buying a new bed. Buy both frame and mattress from the same place - don't try and be clever like us...


  1. Those cushions are fab! And I love the red chair.

  2. Thank you! They are a really simple envelope (?) pattern that takes no time at all. And the chair is an ancient Ikea hand-me-down from my parents!

  3. It always amazes me how fab ikea fabrics are, because they're so reasonably priced.................... I love the way you can just whip up cushion covers................... Or should i just admit that i'm very impressed. And they do look good on that chair!

  4. Thanks Vanessa. I know what you mean - I was so surprised when I discovered them - decent price and great designs. And the cushions are really easy to do - seriously! Shout if you want a tutorial!