Sunday, 8 February 2009

The sun has got his hat on

What a bright day it is today - it's hard to believe that we were waiting for the snow to arrive a week ago. I picked up some daffodils on Thursday from the new florist and they have finally bloomed - their yellow trumpets reaching for the sky. Such beautiful hues of yellow - my camera doesn't do them justice.

We've had a lovely relaxing weekend. Mr M flew in from Paris on Friday evening so we spent Saturday catching up. We have a lovely little French deli called Chez Julienne who sell the most delicious things - forestiere pate, Brie de Meaux, mini macaroons, strawberry tarts - heaven. They have room for a handful of people to take a pew and sip a coffee, it's usually packed with a gang of regulars but we decided to chance it and we were in luck. The cafe au lait was the best I've had since France last year and the cheese and ham croissant with bechamel sauce was to die for. A quick pit stop at the local supermarket to pick up a paper and some beer for the rugby and our afternoon was complete.

Mr M left this morning to fly to Munich, so to get out of his way whilst he packed the last of his things I decided to have a go at another corsage which I've been doodling this week.

This one was even quicker than the last one to do. I'm going to road test it this week to see how it weathers as the felt is much thinner - although I have reinforced the back with some seriously thick felt from The Cloth House.

Righty-ho! I have a sandwich to make and a list to write with all the crafty things I want to do on this fine sunny afternoon. I might even decamp to the chair in the bedroom because it is currently basking in the sun rays.

Have a lovely afternoon!

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