Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Playing house - week one

1 + 3/4 days so far*

1 x long, blustery walk along the river to the market for fresh vegetables
1 x fresh, clean bed
1 x scolding for Miss P following The Incident with Mrs Blackbird's nest
1 x soaking for Miss P when she tried to repeat The Incident
1 x coffee and catch up with Mrs R
1 x home cooked dinner
1 x cat nap with Miss P
1 x trip to vet for Miss P's check up
1 x unimpressed Miss P
2 x ignoring the mouldy cupboard
2 x salad for lunch
2 x supermarket trips
3 x bowls of washing up
5 x loads of washing
6 x cups of tea
8 x (and counting) sketches for Mini M's birthday present

My shoulders have almost returned to their rightful place.

Right, must dash, I have a tumble drier to empty and the kettle has just boiled - time for a cup of cha and a portion of Easter egg...oh, and an evening meal to plan.

Could get quite used to this...

*excluding the bank holiday. Mr M was home and it was a day of DIY and weeding, so it didn't really count.

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  1. Wow - very impressive, I am in total awe of your energy!
    Sarah x