Friday, 25 June 2010


Flower petals for a Friday. From our wedding roses which have bloomed joyously on my parents patio each year since.

Moments taken to remember our family cat, Poppy, who passed away this week. Tears shed reading a very timely and poignant article about such matters in the latest WI magazine*. For some, a cat is just a cat, a dog is just a dog. For those who have spent time, long or short, with something that you have to care for and love, the void that is left can be unbearable. I think it is right to allow yourself time to grieve. To adjust to a period without that little presence, however furry.

To quote Jenny Rogers - "Grief is the price we pay for love and we have to go through it, not under or around it."

Have a lovely weekend folks. The forecast is looking good - Glastonbury may indeed be mud free. Not too sure about tomorrow, but we will be taking an early morning bike ride on Sunday before the sports extravaganza begins and Mr M's brain explodes from sport commentary and multi media overload.

* I know. WI eh? I kept that quiet didn't I!
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  1. Sorry to hear about your family cat. That's so sad. I know just how you feel. It does start to feel better, just like when a person passes on but it's strange to walk in the door and not see the furry friend bound down the stairs. Thoughts are with you all. x

    PS: The WI sounds amazing. How long have you been going? x

  2. It depends on personality too. Some cats are just cats, but others are little people who participate in your life and don't just show up for the feed bowl. We lost a cat like this last summer and I still miss her terribly. A big hug to you at this sad time.

  3. So sorry to hear about Poppy. Thinking of you. K x

  4. I don't understand people who say "a cat is just a cat" any who have spent time in their purry furry company know this is never the case. So sorry to hear about Poppy. It's ever easy to deal with. Thinking of you.