Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Normal service resumes

Today is the first day in a very long time that I have felt 100% human. And it is fabulous. I was out of the flat just after 9am this morning, walking in the dappled sun to get a fresh croissant and a paper (courtesy of the very useful vouchers sent to me by Dad) and consuming both, along with a steaming mug of fresh coffee, in the garden by 10am. Heaven.

So yes, my lovelies. I'm back. Properly. Regular posting and regular responding to comments has resumed. I have so much to share, I almost don't know where to begin. I think perhaps the best place to start is with my very neglected inbox and all your lovely comments over the last couple of weeks (I'm so pleased you liked the Paris post!), so please do not think it odd if you receive oodles of responses as I go down the list. This is part of my 'catching up' mission.

Talking of comments and responding to them, I was wondering about your blogging habits? This subject pops up every now and then, and I'm curious. I leave comments on blogs but rarely expect a response but how about you? Do you return to the original post to see what other comments have been made after yours or to see if the blogger has responded with a comment? It's probably just me, but have you found that Google Reader has turned you into a lazy commenter? I don't know about you, but I now follow so many blogs with it that there are days when there are 80+ posts to read and it really does make my head spin, especially after a couple of glasses of vino in the evening. Anyway, I'm waffling. Just thought I'd ask...

So with those questions to ponder on, I shall leave you. The sun is high in the very clear blue sky, the washing has just pinged and I have a long list of things to do before I pop to the dentist!


  1. Croissants for breakfast YUM! (I'm on a diet so no croissants for me at the moment - very glum-making).

    As for comments, I read a heap of blogs but don't comment on that many and generally don't expect a reply, although obviously it's nice if I get one. As for my blog, I only reply if I think a comment needs it. If several people say the same thing, I make one response for the lot, and unless it's something massive (like May Giveaway when I got over 150 comments on one post - usually I get more like 2!), I do it back through Comments rather than by individual emails.

    I wonder what other people do too so it will be interesting to read the comments to this post. Happy Wednesday!

  2. I don't comment all that often or as often as I want to, i read so much and then when I want to comment sometimes I find that somebody else has already said want I want to, more articulately. I don't go back to see if somebody has responded to my comment, I forget what I've said and where I've said it.

  3. So glad you're feeling better! And those vouchers sound like the perfect gift!

    I have two sets of blogs: ones I just read (these are usually ones that already receive hundreds of comments) and ones I read and comment on.

    I love receiving email replies, but I don't go back to blogs to look for replies.

    And I always try to reply to all the comments I receive. But I'm more often than not thwarted by the infamous blogger 'no-reply'. Bah.

    K x

  4. Croissant envy here. I try to be a generous sprinkler of comments, but I don't expect a reply. Though it's good to get one if I ask a specific question, or just of there's an extended conversation to be had.

    I almost never check back for replies on the original post and don't reply to my comments that way.

    I used to try and reply to all comments, but now I just try to visit commenters own blogs and often leave a comment in return. I figured it was a choice between writing new posts and being a consientious replier, and guessed people might opt for the former, given the option.