Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Is it just me?

I have lots of things to share. I want to tell you about the WI, jam making, I Knit, wool, apple cakes and lots of other nice homely bits and pieces.

Blogger however has other ideas. Posts have indeed been written over the last week. Photos have been selected and uploaded. Only to disappear. Or fail. Odd spaces suddenly appear in the text for no apparent reason. The cursor bar suddenly flies up the page only for typing to appear in the blank area where I had wanted to originally type.

It's enough to make you want to scream.

Perhaps it's a poltergeist just in time for Halloween. He's a bit early, frankly.

Normal service will resume shortly, I hope.


  1. It isn't just you. I've been having problems too, particularly with spacing and uploading pictures. It's making me very cross!

    What a nice lot of jam jar lids you have. I've been sorting through mine and find I have considerably less lids than jars :o(

    Sue x

  2. That should be 'considerably fewer lids' of course -what was I thinking??

  3. Yep, me too. Trouble is a-foot. Can't wait to hear about the jam. I've been considerably less preserving than I'd like at the moment. I shall wait very patiently for inspiration from you.

    ooh, and speaking of all things knitting, are you going to Ally Pally this year?