Friday, 19 July 2013

Sweet ruby cherries

I'm enjoying these little pops of sweet at the moment - savoured on their own or adorning vanilla ice cream like rubies.

This heat is driving me towards salad, fruit and gallons of water. I'm hoping it will have a positive effect on my wardrobe.

Have a super, sunny weekend.


  1. This sounds exactly how I've been feeling. Just eating tiny morsels and drinking so much water!

    Hope you have a fantastic sunny weekend! x

    1. I'm really quite enjoying it - must say it was a shock to experience the overcast morning and some would say a chilly 28 degrees - had me reaching for my cardigan. Glad it quickly passed. You too x

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  3. I love cherries! Today felt agreeably cool at only 25. And my kids haven't complained at all about dinners consisting of mainly fruit. But I can't say I've seen any shrinking benefits.