Thursday, 26 February 2015

Kew Gardens in February

We popped to Kew Gardens on Sunday for a delightful afternoon with Mr M's goddaughter and her family. It's years since I was last there, and surprisingly Mr M's first visit. With threatening skies overhead and sleeping beds save for the crocuses, cyclamen and snowdrops, our first stop was the orchid display. The displays were really quite incredible - giant hangings heavy with orchids, luscious greenery and the odd miniature pineapple. I'd completely forgotten about the ponds with their enormous fish - little Miss H was mesmerised for at least a nanosecond.

After the orchids, we made our way to the Palm House. Such an iconic Victorian structure. As soon as you step inside, the change in temperature and steam adds to the sense that you've been transported back in time. For those visitors in the 1840s, they must have looked over that canopy imagining themselves as the famous plant hunters of the day.
The pretty detail was unexpected. As was the aquarium underneath. And the pair of chirpy robins. And the hothouse seemed to do my horrible chest infection and snotty cold the world of good. I was wrapped up in my duvet coat throughout and plied with neurofen cold and flu and benylin. It's been a week now - all incredibly boring. I'm bored of being poorly with leaden legs and unable to go to gym - it's all so tedious.
By the time we were done, the heavens had opened so we hurried to the cafe for coffee and cake. Fabulous shop - I fell in love with the tiny bee earrings by Alex Monroe. Something else to add to my birthday wish list.

It's been such a long time - I hope you're well. x

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