Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Tiny signs of Spring

At this time of year the back garden feels barren. The choking geranium has yet to stir under the apple trees and the only signs of life are bluebells, potted hellebores and our neighbours camellia. The snowdrops I moved two years ago have overcome the shock and formed little, tiny clumps of bluey-green spikes piercing the soil and fallen leaves. The tiniest of buds, white as snow, heading towards the light, before gracefully bowing their necks, heavy with their frills. I saved a special one with double petals, planting it in one of my favourite pots. Last year saw only foliage, but this year there is one solitary bud.

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  1. I hope that all of these lovely spring flowers are helping you to feel better. I did not realise how serious your concussion was when you originally mentioned it so I was very alarmed to see how long it had taken you to recover.