Sunday, 1 February 2015

Slowly but surely

I lost January. It melted away like the early morning snow that we apparently had on Saturday. Life has slowed - sleep is my friend. Each week I feel a little bit more like me - I'm quietly back at work. It's a little exhausting being bright and perky - I can do it for a couple of hours before feeling wiped out. I wish there was a quick fix but time is the only healer. I'm aiming for the 'F' in February to stand for fighting fit and flowers. I've been dropping hints for a bouquet from Petalon - do you follow them on Instagram (@petalon_flowers)? Isn't Huxley adorable - and HUGE!

1 comment:

  1. I hope you feel that fighting 'F' soon full of fortitude and fitness. I had a normal enough cough and to my horror it's turned into all kinds of bronchial nastiness and days in bed. We don't think twice until thinks unravel just a little. Get well soon..The big plus for me was that to spend time between the covers gave me a space to catch up on blogging!!